Alexandra de Haan
Founding Partner, Copacabana House Ventures

Alexandra is a strong proponent of gender diversity, particularly regarding women on Boards, in VC and as entrepreneurs. Before founding Copacabana House Ventures, she co-founded Mundivox, a fiber-optic broadband provider for SMEs in Brazil and successfully sold it in 2014. Alexandra also served as CFO and Fund Manager of Ideiasnet, a publicly traded VC firm that invests in tech in Brazil.

Alfredo Bermudez
Director of Operations, RedEmprendia

Alfredo is the Director of Operations at RedEmprendia, a university network aimed to encourage knowledge-transfer, technological development, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship, with presence in seven countries. Alfredo is also one of the Co-Founders and the CEO of Beablo Chile, a marketing solutions startup, and a co-founder of Emprendetech, a consulting firm.

Andre Monteiro

Andre is an entrepreneur, CEO and Partner of INNOVATORS -global innovators network based in Brazil and Silicon Valley with 20k members and 5k startups. Andre is also Founder of Innovators Summit. He is also mentor of Stanford Ignite, and has helped many startups raise funding.

Bárbara Silva
Executive Director, BeST innovation & Singularity University Chile

Bárbara seeks to catalyze innovation ecosystems. She is passionate about technology with global impact, and is founder of platforms to create collaborative businesses and organizational innovations. Bárbara helps companies and governments introduce innovations in their organizations.

Brigit Helms
General Manager, Multilateral Investment Fund

Brigit, the general manager of the Multilateral Investment Fund, also has served as the director of SPEED, a USAID-funded program in Mozambique, and a senior expert for financial inclusion at McKinsey & Company. She has a PhD in agriculture and development economics from Stanford.

Camilo Kejner
Managing Partner, Angel Ventures

Camilo is a Managing Partner of Angel Ventures Mexico, a venture capital firm currently investing in the fields of BoP, healthcare, ICT and retail. Previously, he has served as COO, consultant and board member of seven startups in the fields of technology, e-commerce and entertainment, having fundraised over $163 million.

Carolina Banales
Co-Founder & COO, GlamST

Carolina is part of the 6% of entrepreneurs in technology in Latin America. She is co-founder and COO of GlamST, a company focused on bringing innovation to the beauty industry, with a virtual tester and a high component of business metrics. Carolina is an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2014, participated in 500 Startup in 2015 and has made 3 rounds of investment since they started. Carolina is very active in the entrepreneurial community, she is interested in supporting other entrepreneurs and give them access to their network of contacts.

Carolyn Rodz
CEO, Circular Board

Carolyn was selected as 1 of 5 of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Women to Watch for in 2016. As CEO of Circular Board, a virtual accelerator for women entrepreneurs with scalable business models, she advises and serves on the boards of women-led startups. Prior to founding Circular Board, she created a luxury retail line that sold in over 400 stores worldwide, including Bloomingdales, Harrod’s and Neiman Marcus; and later launched a global marketing firm supporting product launches within Fortune 500 enterprises and startups, positioning themselves for industry leadership.

Consuelo Valverde
Managing Partner, SV LATAM Fund

Consuelo is an entrepreneur turned VC with a strong focus on high impact companies. At SV LATAM Fund, a VC fund with a Latin American focus, she and the team share a passion for technology, entrepreneurs and success. Consuelo is also Co-founder of Zfunction University LLC in Silicon Valley, training, mentoring and advising entrepreneurs in biotechnology, diagnostics and health services, financial services, e-commerce, robotics, energy, education and software.

Gabriela León
Founder, Gresmex

Gabriela is a biochemical engineer and founder Gresmex, a company at the forefront of the nanotechnology research and development. Gabriela developed a nano bio-molecule called NBELYAX, able to completely inactivate any viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, trypanosomes and mycobacteria, generating biosecure spaces. Gabriela was nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer in 2015.

Geraldine Mlynarz
Founder, ActivaQ

Geraldine is founder of Diagnostic and ActivaQ, biotech companies specialized in the diagnosis and control of infectious diseases found in animals, employing advanced technology to perform early screening for the IPVN virus — a common virus afflicting salmon worldwide. Since 2014, ActivaQ is part of Ictio Biotechnologies, the Aquaculture Health Tecnology Consortium, financed by Innova-CORFO. Generaldine is Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Gwyneth Ketterer
Founder, Matriarca

At Matriarca, Gwyneth fosters thedevelopment and sustainability of indigenous communities in the Gran Chaco and Puna regions of Argentina. She is also a Senior Advisor of NXTP Labs, and mst recently, she was a Professor of Finance at Columbia Business School.

Helena Estrada
Responsable, Centro de Desarrollo Económico de la Mujer, Secretaría de Emprendedores y Pymes

From the Center for Women Economic Development, Helena promotes the economic empowerment of women as well as gender equality and the greater participation of women in the economy. Previously, Helena worked for more than 10 years in the financial sector, within the private sector.

Ignacio Peña
Founder, Surfing Tsunamis

Ignacio is founder of Surfing Tsunamis, a think-and-do-thank dedicated to catalizing abundance, inclusion and regeneration through ideas, projects and high-impact startups. Ignacio has been working for several years to develop the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Latin America. He also worked for over 15 years as top management consultant, working in over 100 projects for leading corporations, governments and associations in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

Irma del Carmen García Domínguez
Director of High Impact Entrepreneurship, INADEM

Irma has 15 years of experience in public administration and 5 in private initiatives in Mexico. In public administration she created and executed various support for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Luciana Torres
Founder, MamaConectada

Luciana is an industrial engineer and founder of MamaConectada, a platform that promotes responsible use of technology through lectures, videos and specialized content. Luciana is an entrepreneur, momblogger, youtubeMom, communicator and mentor of micro-entrepreneurs, with a passion for constant innovation and the fulfillment of dreams.

Marta Cruz
Founding Partner, NXTP Labs

Marta promotes equal opportunities, leading the initiative for the creation of Day of the Woman Entrepreneur in Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to NXTP Labs Marta founded Nextperience, a digital performance agency and lead Regional Sales for MRM in Latin America.

Miriam Rivera
Managing Partner, Ulu Ventures

Miriam co-founded Ulu Ventures, where she is a Managing Partner and has made over 70 early stage investments in 8 years. She is a co-founder of Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs and a Kauffman Fellow in venture capital. Ms. Rivera has worked in all stages of new technology ventures: from startups to Fortune 500 public companies like Google Inc., where she served as Vice President and General Counsel.

Pamela Scheurer
Co-Founder & CTO, Nubimetrics

Pamela is co-founder and CTO of Nubimetrics, a BigData company that helps MercadoLibre sellers increase their sales. She is from the Argentine province of Jujuy, a computer engineer and is determined to demonstrate that local talent can generate global value.

Pedro Arnt
CFO, Mercado Libre

Pedro Arnt has been the CFO of Mercado Libre since 2011. Pedro has served in various capacities since joing the company in 1999, including Vice President for Strategic Planning, Treasury and Investor Relations, as well as Vice President for Business Development and Marketing. Previously, he was a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.

Santiago Pinto Escalier
Co-Founder, Motormax

Santiago Pinto Escalier is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the industry / technology of Internet in Latin America, the USA, and Europe. He is Vice President of Corporate Development and Co-Founder of Motormax, a company that develops e-commerce solutions for the auto sales and loan market. It has raised more than 45 million dollars, in venture capital in the last 10 years.

Sebastián Stranieri
Founder & CEO, VU Security

VU Security offers anti fraud solutions to companies, helping them ensure that critical customer information is kept secure. Sebastian was awarded by the MIT Technology Review as one of the young innovators of Argentina and Uruguay.

Silvia Torres Carbonell
Undersecretary of Creative Economy and Innovation, Gobierno of Buenos Aires

In addition to her role as Undersecretary of Creative Economy, Silvia is Academic and Strategic Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at IAE Business School. Silvia is also Director of the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) research project in Argentina, board member of the Endeavor Foundation and ASEA (Association of Argentine Entrepreneurs), Vice President of IWF International Women Forum, and an active angel investor.

Sofia Giraudo
COO & Founder, FirstJob.me

Sofia is a commercial engineer and founder of FirstJob.me, a recruiting platform that connects students and recent graduates with the best companies in Latin America. Her company has more than 130,000 users and currently operates in Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Sofía participated in the 2014 edition of WeXchange Pitch Competition and is currently an Ambassador of One Young World.

Susana García-Robles
Principal Specialist, Multilateral Investment Fund

Susana is convinced of the impact of business and innovation ecosystems and the venture capital industry on development. For this reason, since 1999, she has worked on its creation in Latin America and the Caribbean. A co-founder of WeXchange, she firmly believes in the advantages of supporting women-led businesses.

Tomas O'Farrell
Co-Founder, Workana

Tomas is one of the founders of Workana, the first remote and independent work network in Latin America. Workana connects its more than 400,000 freelancers with companies throughout the region. Before that, Tomas was one of the founders of Sonico, a Latin American social network that had 55 million users.

Viviana Bernath
Founder & CEO, Genda

Viviana is PhD. in biological sciences and a specialist in molecular genetics. She founded one of the first genetic testing and forensic genetics laboratory in Argentina, Genda, which today continues to grow. In recent years she created Zoigen, a company dedicated to personalized genomic medicine, a new way to predict and prevent disease through DNA analysis. Viviana is also a scientific communicator and author of several books.

Yanina Baglieri
CEO, Technorides

Yanina is a product designer, Lic. In Business Administration, and co-founder of Technorides, a Saas platform for transport companies.