Pitch Competition

¡We are looking for women entrepreneurs who work in innovation, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)!

Applications for the Pitch Competition of WeXchange 2018 are open. Apply and be part of the six finalists who will make their pitch to a panel of international investors during the WeXchange Forum on the 6th and 7th of November in Lima, Peru. You have until August 20 to apply!

About the Pitch Competition

The Pitch Competition awards the most innovative and dynamic entrepreneur within the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Trough the competition the women entrepreneurs have the chance to meet investors, mentors and entrepreneurs of all the region, as well as to access prizes that will help to the growth of their company.

Through this competition, six finalists will be selected to make their pitch to an independent panel of experts at the WeXchange forum in Lima, Peru. The winner and finalists will receive important prizes for their participation.

The Pitch Competition is organized by Angel Ventures.

Who can apply:

  • 1. The startup must have at least one woman in the founding team, and be the one who presents the project.
  • 2. Applicants must have a company with operations in at least one Latin American or Caribbean country.
  • 3. Startups that count at least one MVP (minimum viable product), where science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are key pieces.
  • 4. Startups with highly scalable business models globally and a strong innovation component.
  • 5. Startups with high impact and high growth potential.


  • 1. Each participant may submit only one company.
  • 2. Each applicant must undertake to be available during the period of development of the pre-selection and selection process, as well as preparation and mentoring if selected.
  • 3. The applicant must be willing to travel to participate in the final competition that will be held on November 6 and 7, 2018 in the city of Lima, Peru.


  • The Pitch Competition winner will have the privilege to participate in the exclusive Innovation Experience Program in Israel. (https://www.innovationexperience.org/). For a week, the winner will meet the most successful entrepreneurs from around the world, be inspired by their stories of success and failure, as well as insights into how they became successful businesses with global impact. The program combines inspiration with learning so you will also receive training on specific topics to learn how to apply innovation within your own venture and you will have access to network with successful entrepreneurs from Latin America.
  • The winner will also receive one-year membership in WeWork LATAM offices and the finalists will also be awarded a six-month membership.


If you have questions, send a email to Elizabeth Acuña eacuna@angelventures.vc

More opportunities:

if you are a Peruvian entrepreneur, you can participate from NextGen by applying in the Pitch Competition’s form.

NextGen is a training camp for women entrepreneurs organized by the Swiss Entrepreneurship program. For a week during February 2019, entrepreneurs focused on adding market value to their venture will meet with other entrepreneurs, mentors and investors in Switzerland to boost the growth of their business.

Meet the finalists from past pitch competitions here:

Agustina Jait
TuVideo CV, Argentina

TuVideo CV is an audiovisual platform for selecting talent and job opportunities. It allows anyone without knowledge of video production to record and edit a complete VideoCV and connect with opportunities.

Cecilia Ezquerro
LECO, Mexico

Our mission to change the way we solve a very simple problem: see well. We are the new generation of on-demand services that will break into the optical industry. We offer products that give access to a better vision through a convenient, personal and accessible service.

Kyle Hepp
Boxmagic, Chile

The next generation of software for the next generation of fitness.

Roxana Kawas
Chopinmol, Guatemala

We are an online store with door-to-door delivery, supply and logistics infrastructure that offers Latin American migrants in the US the option of buying goods and services for their loved ones in their country of origin.

Ximena Adriazola Du-pont

Our mission is to generate sustainable solutions using biotechnology tools to take advantage of biodiversity byproducts and, thus, create innovative products in biotech and foodtech.