WeXchange: creating strong networks for entrepreneurs in Latin America

Wexchange is Latin America’s first pitch conference focusing on women entrepreneurs. Taking place December 12, 2013 in Miami, Florida, Wexchange is a platform allowing LAC’s (Latin American Country) female entrepreneurs to connect one on one with investors, mentors and experts.

The object of this event is to strengthen the networks and kick off an annual exchange of LAC’s women entrepreneurs. Wexchange will feature Latin America’s most promising women founders, investors and international investors as well as so much more.


The proportion of successful women entrepreneurs in Latin America is still very low, and one of the key challenges faced by them is the lack of strong networks. The objective of this event is precisely to strengthen these networks by linking female entrepreneurs to investors, mentors and experts, as well as kick off an annual exchange of Latin America’s women entrepreneurs in Miami.


Key speakers for Wexchange include Susana Garcia-Robles (Principal Investment Officer of FOMIN),Marta Cruz (Co-Founder and Director at NXTP Labs and Nextperience), Bedy Yang ( Venture Partner at 500 Startups), Bryan Pearce (Venture Capital Advisory Group of Ernst and Young and Americas Director of Entrepreneur of the Year), Helen Aguirre (Award-Winning Journalist and Chair Member of Board of Trustees at Miami Dade College), Patricia Araque (Co-Founder and CEO of Ellas2) and Joan Lyman(Partner at LMG Corp)

by WeXchange