Four Tips for Being the Perfect WeXchange Entrepreneur

Here is what you need to know to make the most of this event.

1. Practice your one-minute pitch as much as you can before WeXchange. You will have tons of opportunities to pitch to investors and mentors during the Speed Networking session, as well as over lunch, in the hallway, at the cocktail reception... Practice, practice, and practice some more!

Here is a basic pitch structure to try:

  • Talk about the need and/or problem you´ve identified.
  • Explain how you´re solving it.
  • Tell them about your need.

  • 2. Prepare for your mentorship sessions. Think about your start-up’s needs and your “struggle.” What do you need most? Ask for help and be open to feedback. Do not pitch to the mentors the same way you would to investors—they are here to give advice. You will have many other occasions to ask for funding during the forum.

    3. Set your goals for networking and get ready to listen before asking for help. Networking is about giving before receiving, so think about how you can add value to the other person in order to build strong professional relationships.

    4. Don’t forget your business cards! Without cards, you will lose many opportunities for you and your business.

    Do you need more tips for your pitch? Here is a useful video made by our partners at NXTP Labs.

    by WeXchange