WeXchange 2018 Agenda


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November 6th (Open to the Ecosystem)

8:00-8:45 AM
Registration and Breakfast
8:45-9:05 AM
Opening Remarks

Susana García-Robles, Unit Chief, Financial Operations, IDB Lab
Irene Arias Hofman, Manager, IDB Lab
9:05-9:50 AM
Disruptive Technologies Transforming the World

Catherine Carlton, Vice President, CFLD US
Roy Ramon (Facilitator), Inversor, ex Managing Director of Intel Corporation Startup Program
9:50-10:35 AM
Beyond the Shark Tank: What Makes Startups led by WomenSTEMpreneurs a Good Investment?

Eric Pérez-Grovas, General Partner, Jaguar Ventures
Marta Cruz, Founding Partner, NXTP Labs
Ivonne Quiñones , Co-Founder & CEO, Urbaner
10:35-10:45 AM
2018 Top Women Investing in Latin American Tech (by LAVCA)

Eduardo Roman, Director of Research, LAVCA
10:45-11:10 AM
Coffee Break & Showcase of WomenSTEMpreneurs
11:10-12:40 PM
Pitch Competition (by Angel Ventures)

Elizabeth Acuña, Senior Analyst, Angel Ventures
Greg Mitchell, Regional Director, Angel Ventures
12:40-12:50 PM
Group picture!
12:50-2:00 PM
Networking Lunch
2:00-2:45 PM
What I Learned by Scaling my Startup (Organized by NXTP Labs)

Gabi Mendes, Co-Founder, Strider
Linda Franco, Co-Founder & CEO, Machina Wearable Technology
Marta Cruz (Moderator), Founding Partner, NXTP Labs
2:45-3:30 PM
Women Who Move the World: Global Stories

Ethy Levy, Passionate Founder, Impact Innovation Israel
Claire Chang, Founder & Managing Director, igniteXL
Vivianne Bernardes De Cibils (Moderator), Director, Cibersons Group
3:30-4:00 PM
Coffee Break & Showcase of WomenSTEMpreneurs
4:00-4:45 PM
How to Build a Strong Ecosystem for WomenSTEMpreneurs?

Susana García-Robles (Moderator), Unit Chief, Financial Operations, IDB Lab
Javier Salinas, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Universidad del Pacífico
Silvia Torres Carbonell, Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, IAE Business School
Marta del Castillo, CEO, Koga Impact Lab
4:45-5:30 PM
WeXchange Alumni Founders Panel (Organized by NXTP Labs)

Agustina Jait, CEO, TuVideo CV
Hannah Kim, Co-Founder, Mifiel
Carolina Medina, COO & Founder, Vincu
Laila GJ Choe (Moderator), Specialist, IDB Lab
5:30-7:00 PM
Pitch Competition Award Ceremony + Cocktail

November 7th (Only for Women Entrepreneurs)

8:00-8:50 AM
Registration and Breakfast
8:50-9:00 AM
Opening Remarks

Mosi Mosquera, Senior Specialist, IDB Lab
9:00-9:45 AM
Training Session 1. How to Find the Right Investor for your Startup? Biased Advise from an Investor

Eric Pérez-Grovas, Co-Founder & General Partner, Jaguar Ventures
9:45-10:30 AM
Training Session 2. Strategies for Effective Networking

Sylvia Chebi, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Thales Lab
10:30-11:00 AM
Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 AM
Training Session 3. Growth Hacking to Empower your Startup

Giselle Borau, Co-Founder at Growth Startups
Victoria Simon, Founder & CMO, Alquilando
11:45-12:30 PM
Training Session 4. How to Build a Strong Brand for your Startup?

Diego Kerner, Partner for LATAM, Brandgym
12:30-12:40 PM
Women´s Age Initiative, Telefónica Open Future_

Mónica Reyes Coronado, Business Development and Partnerships Manager, Wayra Peru
12:40-2:00 PM
2:00-2:45 PM
Training Session 5. How Disruptive Technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and AI can Change your Startup?

César Pedroso, Technology Director, Everis Peru
2:45-5:30 PM
A Mentor for your Startup! Mentoring Session Organized by Endeavor

Debbie Jaffe, Managing Director, Endeavor Peru
5:30-5:40 PM
Closing Remarks

Susana García-Robles, Unit Chief, Financial Operations, IDB Lab
Elsa Del Castillo, President, Universidad del Pacífico