What is WeXchange?

WeXchange is a platform that connects high-growth entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean with mentors and investors.

Founded in 2013 by the IDB Lab, the innovation lab of the IDB Group, WeXchange seeks to unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

WeXchange organizes an annual forum, which in only five years has brought together more than 1200 entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and experts from 24 countries.

WeXchange offers women entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean the opportunity to expand their networks, connect with mentors and investors, and participate in the Pitch Competition, a business competition that gives an award to the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneur in the region.

This sixth edition of WeXchange will be focused on women entrepreneurs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The forum will be held at the Universidad del Pacífico. Lima, Perú. In November 6 and 7.

Who is WeXchange for?

  • Women entrepreneurs pioneering innovative businesses with high growth potential, focused on Latin America and/or the Caribbean and looking to accelerate the growth of their companies.
  • Investors interested in the region.
  • Mentors experienced in advising businesses in the region.
  • Experts in the entrepreneurial world.
  • Socially Responsible Businesses and Institutions interested in backing the development of innovative businesses spearheaded by women.

Why should you participate in WeXchange?

As an entrepreneur, you will:

  • Participate in or attend the Pitch Competition. A jury will select the most dynamic or innovative entrepreneur in the region.
  • Receive personalized and group mentoring to tackle key issues in your company.
  • Network with key individuals in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Attend hands-on training sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs.

As an investor, mentor, sponsor or special guest, you will:

  • Discover investment-worthy projects.
  • Catch up on the latest technological trends and innovative business models.
  • Meet the companies that will become the region's next success stories
  • Join the movement comprised of young talent contributing to the region's wealth and social wellbeing.

How did WeXchange get its start?

In 2012, the BID Lab decided to apply a new outlook on gender to all of its operations. Implementing this new perspective, the Early Stage Equity Team decided to take an entrepreneurial approach to the future.

After countless phone calls to entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and other members of the industry, a clear focus for the intervention emerged: women entrepreneurs needed to strengthen their networks.

WeXchange was born, founded on the idea of bringing members of different entrepreneurial communities together in one place with two common goals:
  1. Recognizing and empowering women entrepreneurs.
  2. Connecting them with mentors, investors, role models, and other successful women entrepreneurs.

Armed with over 20 years in the venture capital industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Early Stage Equity Team had the international contacts necessary to make these goals a reality.

Partnering with NXTP Labs and Ellas2, the team developed the concept of WeXchange. Its first edition was held in Miami in 2013.

Our Partner

EmprendeUP the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Universidad del Pacífico promotes, articulates and promuldates all activities related to the development of the business culture in the country, the birth of new business initiatives and the strengthening of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that contributes to the growth of the country and the welfare of society.
To this end, it develops programs and new projects that seek to train entrepreneurs and promote innovation, employment generation, productivity and competitiveness in the country.